Fanuc alarm: SV013 - IMPROPER V-READY OFF

Machine Alarm Error & Message:

Fanuc's Alarm Description: Velocity control ready signal (VRDY) turned off when position control ready signal (PRDY) is turned on.

Additional Suggestions & Alarm Clarification:
Typical alarm that comes up when drives are shut down for any reason. Ignore this error if other alarms are present.

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When the control powers up and the E-stop is released, it outputs a signal called "Power Ready" or PRDY. This is a simple relay output that goes to each of the servo amplifiers. The servos are supposed to power up and pull in the main contactors, which each have a set of contacts inside for the "Velocity Unit Ready" (VRDY) signal. The VRDY signal goes back to the CNC and verifies that the servos are ready to go.
If you have a servo that's NOT pulling in the main contactor (called "MCC" on the back of the unit), then the servo is probably having some kind of problem. Look for any LED lights on the servo amplifier board, and also check for blown fuses, a tripped overload breaker, and good connections to the motor and to the 3-phase power. If a servo alarms out on its own for any reason, it will turn off the MCC contactor and the control is supposed to shut down with the alarm you mentioned rather than try to continue to run with a non-functional servo.

NC. Bad board maybe?

Is it possible the NC is faulty as I have disconnected and tested and changed servo drives as well as tested all switches ect...
I am out of options other than changing parts.

Thank you !!!!!!

Thank you !!!!!!

SV013 codes on all 4 axis

Good info and understood but would if all axis alarms are on? I have checked as much as the manual as I can understand, fuses, transformer, ect.. no dice.. any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lewis

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