Fanuc alarm: 436 - n AXIS : SOFTTHERMAL (OVC)

Machine Alarm Error & Message:

Fanuc's Alarm Description: The digital servo software detected the soft thermal state (OVC).

Additional Suggestions & Alarm Clarification:
None currently

Help Others:
Post troubleshooting recommendations for (Fanuc alarm: 436 - n AXIS : SOFTTHERMAL (OVC)) error message below.

Fanuc CNC Control Models Applicable:
16/18/21, 16i/18i/21i, 160i/180i/210i, ,

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436 allarm on a Fanuc CRT

I'm going to attempt to start up with Cancel + P and to eliminate the soft overtravels. And move the axis in to safe position. Will update.

SV0436 Soft thermal (OVC)

I got this alarm on a Mitsui Seiki HU-50T the Y axis way covers had got bound up and would give this alarm every time we refrenced the machine in the Y axis because it was binding up on that way cover

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