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Fanuc's Alarm Description: A spindle amplifier alarm occurred in a system with a serial spindle. The alarm is indicated as

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None currently

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Post troubleshooting recommendations for (Fanuc alarm: 409 - SPINDLE ALARM DETECTION) error message below.

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, 0/00/0-mate,

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I have a Hardinge VMC 1000 II

I have a Hardinge VMC 1000 II that is currently experiencing problems with a 409 alarm, still trying to troubleshoot. Alarm occurs after long periods at high spindle speeds. Seems to possibly be heat related.

Categories of 409 Alarm

409 AL-01 Motor overheat
409 AL-02 Excessive velocity error
409 AL-03 DC link fuse blown
409 AL-04 Input power supply open phase and power supply failure
409 AL-07 Overspeed
409 AL-09 Main circuit overload
409 AL-11 07 DC link overvoltage
409 AL-12 DC link overcurrent/IPM alarm
409 AL-15 Speed range switching and spindle switching alarm
409 AL-26 Cs contouring control velocity detection signal disconnected
409 AL-27 Position coder signal disconnected
409 AL-28 Cs contouring control position detection
signal disconnected

409 AL-29 Short-period overload
409 AL-30 PSM main circuit overcurrent
409 AL-31 Speed detection signal disconnected and
motor lock alarm

409 AL-33 05 DC link precharge failure
409 AL-34 Parameter data out of specification
409 AL-35 Too large gear ratio specified
409 AL-36 Error counter overflow
409 AL-37 Speed detector parameter error
409 AL-39 Cs contouring control one-rotation signal
detection error

409 AL-40 Cs contouring control one-rotation signal
not detected

409 AL-41 Position coder one-rotation signal
detection error

409 AL-42 Position coder one-rotation signal not

409 AL-43 Differential speed mode position coder
signal disconnected

409 AL-44 A/D conversion error
409 AL-46 Position coder one-rotation signal
detection error during thread cutting

409 AL-47 Position coder signal error
409 AL-49 Excessive differential speed conversion

409 AL-50 Excessive speed command computed
value during the synchronization control of
the spindle

409 AL-51 04 DC link undervoltage
409 AL-52 ITP signal error I
409 AL-53 ITP signal error II
409 AL-54 Overload current alarm
409 AL-55 Power line state error at spindle or speed
range switching

409 AL-56 Control circuit cooling fan stopped
409 AL-57 Excessive regenerated power
409 AL-58 PSM main circuit overload
409 AL-59 PSM cooling fan stopped

409 AL 51 04DC link under voltage

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