Fanuc alarm: 401 - SERVO ALARM: 1, 2TH AXIS VRDY OFF

Machine Alarm Error & Message:

Fanuc's Alarm Description: 1-axis, 2-axis servo amplifier READY signal (DRDY) went off.

Additional Suggestions & Alarm Clarification:
None currently

Help Others:
Post troubleshooting recommendations for (Fanuc alarm: 401 - SERVO ALARM: 1, 2TH AXIS VRDY OFF) error message below.

Fanuc CNC Control Models Applicable:
, 0/00/0-mate,

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401 alarm

where is terminals 3 and 4 located?

401 Alarm

Check for 100 volts ac across terminals 3 and 4

401 alarm

where are terminals 3 and 4 located?

401 alarm

voltage across t3 & T4 is okay,
MCC is laos okay, no alarm display other the 410 on
screen. all driver is not ready status.
Kindly help. me, controller series is Fanuc OTC


401 Alarm

Check the servo controller cooling fan on the top of the controller--if fan is not spinning, this will kick out the 401 alarm. Fix is to pull the controller, disassemble and remove the fan, and clean or replace.

I had this problem, and when I checked the fan, it was crapped up with oily dust such that it interfered with the rotation of the fan. After a thorough cleaning of the fan, I reassembled and reinstalled--haven't had a problem since.

BTW....I have a Fanuc OM-C

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