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REVEALED: The beautiful story of Preity Zinta's wedding dress

REVEALED: The beautiful story of Preity Zinta's wedding dress

Every wedding has a beautiful story and it's the wedding dress that has some of the most beautiful details.

Preity Zinta was one such bride, whose gorgeous red gown at her wedding reception was filled with stories to be told.

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Preity Zinta, who's back from some 'husband time' with Gene Goodenough in Shimla, had her wedding reception last night in Mumbai. Some of the Bollywood's biggest stars descended to celebrate Zinta's new phase of life.

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Since we all love stories, especially a Bollywood one, we got hold of the super-talented Tanya Ghavri . She is the most sought after celebrity stylist in India. From Jacqueline Fernandez , Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Freida Pinto to Katrina Kaif (we might actually run out of space if we list out the celebs she's worked with), she has styled every top-notch celebrity you can think of.

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Tanya recently ventured into wedding styling with Dhoom Dhaam Weddings and Preity Zinta is one of her very first clients. So who other than the stylist herself can tell us the tale of the dimpled-cheek bride and her gorgeous dress. We'd advise all the bride-to-bes to take note because you're in for some great bridal lessons.


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Preity Zinta wore a custom Manish Malhotra red gown to her wedding party. "Red is her favorite color," tells Tanya.

Chapter One: The Bride's Wish

"When Preity spoke to me the first time about the outfit, I was so excited. Not only because I'm happy for her and it was going to be fun working with her, but also because I had started a wedding styling company (Dhoom Dhaam Weddings); making her one of my first clients. She was very clear from the start about what she wanted. Something in red or pink! We've worked together before so I knew what she likes and what she doesn't. She's a fuss-free girl. She likes her silhouettes to do the talking and the finish, ofcourse!"

Chapter Two: Who Chose The Dress

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"The outfit was a collaboration of her choice and mine! But majorly hers because she had to wear it and feel like a million bucks. And she looked like one!"

Chapter Three: What Was Special About The Dress

"What I love about the outfit is the simplicity of its design: the gorgeous floral embroidery was so subtle but still added so much to the garment. The color, which is Preity's favorite, was so vibrant; it complimented her skin!"

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Chapter Five: The Happy Ending For The Happy Bride

"When I saw the finished look I was so elated to see how beautiful she looked and how elegantly she wore the gown. She kept her hair and make-up so understated and subtle, with just an addition of red lips to finish the look! Like they say, happy brides are the prettiest brides!

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Chapter Four: Details of The Wedding Dress

"The dress was made by the maestro himself, Manish Malhotra, so it had to be well-cut and well-finished. Manish's creations fit like a dream, as always!" It was a gown with embroidery but it was actually very light. So it was easy to wear and handle all night. Preity wanted to wear something she could look amazing in but something that also allowed her to dance all night. That was one of the first things she told me, which I always kept in mind! I love a bride who wants to have fun on her big day.

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